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At Downs Infants we believe that education is about developing the whole child.  It should enable children to be able to make the very best of their lives; having choice and opportunity in their social and economic situation, contributing to society, and developing a sense of self-worth.  A good education should be rich in knowledge and in opportunities to apply that knowledge. Children’s education should include experiences of our cultural, artistic, sporting and social heritage, and encourage them to contribute to this.  If you would like more information about the curriculum your child is following, please contact your child's teacher in the first instance.

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Curriculum statement: Intent, implementation and impact for our Infant Curriculum 

Curriculum Drivers


Whole School Curriculum Overview: Writing and Foundation Subjects


English at Downs Infants

Maths at Downs Infants

Music at Downs Infants

History at Downs Infants

Geography at Downs Infants

Computing at Downs Infants

Art and Design at Downs Infants

Design and Technology at Downs Infants

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Science at Downs Infants



We use our own scheme for teaching phonics for reading and writing.  The order of the introduction of sounds is based on 'Letters and Sounds' and we support learning with 'Jolly Phonics' actions and rhymes.  We have a set of agreed resources for teaching and supporting phonics across the school.

Reception Phonics Scheme

Year 1 Phonics Scheme

Year 2 Phonics Scheme


Reading Scheme

We use books closely matched to the phase of phonics that pupils are working within.  This is monitored on an ongoing basis, through regular phonics checks and reading with the teacher.  All children are allocated to a level on 'Bug Club' for which they have 'real' books and access to electronic books.  In addition, we use Oxford Owls to give children a wider range of books should they need it, and Rigby Star books, again at an appropriate phonic phase, for group guided reading activities.


Curriculum Development

We are seeking to address the imbalance in the representation of black characters in the books we read and share with our children.  Please click here for more information and resources.