Downs Infant School

Our web address is www.downsinf.brighton-hove.sch .uk Telephone number 01273 099854

Busy and Buzz

Busy and Buzz are cooperative and collaborative bees who love to learn in harmony with other people. They enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas, discussing problems and solutions. Busy and Buzz encourage everyone to take on a role and get involved, but they can also see when it is best to learn on their own. They are good listeners, empathise and value everyone’s ideas. They like to learn from others and “magpie” great ideas to make them their own.


Ideas to promote


  • Work, play and learn alongside your children, enabling them to pick up good habits through imitating you.
  • Have a family vote e.g. where to go for a day out.
  • Watch and play team games and talk about how well players work together.
  • Make expectations of turn-taking and sharing of ideas clear.