Downs Infant School

Our web address is www.downsinf.brighton-hove.sch .uk Telephone number 01273 099854

Parent Reps

Each class has a parent representative.  Mrs Courtsley is the school link for the parent reps. 

You can find out who the parent rep for your class is by looking out for the poster on the class door, or by e-mailing Mrs Courtsley at



How can parent reps help you?

· We can inform you of upcoming trips and events

· We can show you where to find information on the website

· We can inform you of any help needed in class

· We can take any general queries to the teacher

· We can try and remind you of any changes to the school day (last minute activities etc!)

· Have copies of letters available if you lose yours!

· We are here to help create a community feel and support everyone!


What they are not here for!

· We don’t go on every trip! We will let you know if any helpers are needed.

· We are not a class helper, the school still needs lots of helpers for reading/activities and we can point you in the right direction if you are interested.

· We don’t take worries or concerns about your child’s welfare to the teacher, we support you to go to the right person.

· We don’t collect money for trips/gifts


Every half term, the parent reps meet with Mrs Courtsley and Dr Mitchell to raise any general issues of concern.  Any issues to do with your child, or which are urgent, should be directed to your child's class teacher in the first instance.