Downs Infant School

Our web address is www.downsinf.brighton-hove.sch .uk

Year 2 Team



Mrs Beth Courtsley (known as Mrs C as we have 2 Mrs Courtsleys), Owl Class Teacher 

Pronouns: She/Her




 Ms Della Croucher, Owl Class Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Mary Ward, Owl Class Teaching Assistant and Cover 

Mrs Emma Colman, Owls Mid-day Meals Supervisor and cover TA 


Mr Jonathan Cave, Puffin Class Teacher (Monday/Tuesday)


Mr Cave has been our science leader and is keen to challenge gender stereotypes around science. He is now on the history team.  He organises our successful gender stereotype challenging careers day.  If you'd like to be involved in this, please get in touch!







Mrs Tracey Brett, Puffin Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)


Mrs Brett leads geography within the school and is a local authority moderator, sharing her knowledge of the Key Stage 1 curriculum with other schools in the City.






Mrs Jo Theelke, Puffin Class Teaching Assistant and Mid-Day Meals Supervisor




Other Puffin adults are: Mrs Sally Franks and Mr Nathan Wren


Ms Clarson, Swallow Class Teacher 


Ms Clarson leads art in the school.







Mrs Helen Irvine, Swallow Class Teaching Assistant 


Miss Justine Reade, Swallow Class Mid-Day Meals Supervisor and cover TA - currently 'on loan' to Reception



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Miss Aisha Hoten, Kingfisher Class Teacher

Miss Hoten is our PE Coordinator and is a committed hockey player.  She also has interests in Maths and SEN.





Miss Mosely, Kingfisher Class Teaching Assistant/Mid-Day Meals Supervisor



 Mrs Chris Hill, Kingfisher Class Teaching Assistant/Mid-Day Meals Supervisor




Ms Kate Jackson, Kingfisher Class Mid-Day Meals Supervisor


Mrs Anne Blunt also works in Kingfisher Class